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Mobile marketing…are you still thinking you don’t need it?  BIG MISTAKE!  There are many reasons why you should go mobile.  Here is one out of many…In 2014; Mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage! – via Microsoft Tag.  This is a huge statistic!  The year 2014 is not 10 years from now; it’s literally around the corner.  Get in the game before you are left behind like this guy was:


There are two must have mobile apps that will set you apart from your competition.  These two neat video editing apps are Videolicious and Magisto.  Currently, Videolicious is exclusive to iPhones/iPads while Magisto is available for both iPhone and Android markets.  I may be a bit biased since I am an Android user, but I love the Magisto app.

Here is a little breakdown on their features and how easy these two apps work.  In short, with Videolicious, you chose the content, tell your story and the app does the rest.  Let’s take a look:

  1. You must sign into the app for it to allow the app to access your mobile camera for live shots
  2. Tell your story and choose your content, i.e. photos or video clips
  3. Select your music
  4. Add your company logo (optional)
  5. Click save and enjoy your video
  6. Share it on your social media sites or directly email it to your prospect

Just like many free apps out on the market, you have limited options unless you upgrade. Videolicious offers an upgrade for a reasonable price.   Some of the added features with the upgrade include increased video time length, increased number of shots, video storage and unbranded video pages.

Now, let’s take a look at the Magisto app and why it’s my favorite.  Magisto is also very easy to use where it magically transforms your everyday videos into exciting and memorable movies.  Let’s look at the easy steps:

  1. Shoot your video or use current picture or video gallery on your phone
  2. Choose your theme
  3. Choose your music from their gallery that is based on your theme chosen or your own music gallery on your phone (i.e. if you chose the love theme, then your songs of choice are going to be love based – awesome stuff)
  4. Add a title (optional)
  5. Make the movie – you just relax and wait until the smart app edits the video using it’s smart algorithm within minutes
  6. Share it on your social media sites or directly email it to your prospect

What’s awesome about Magisto is that it’s a sophisticated app.  It uses Emotion Sense Technology that can tell which shots are important and more relevant to highlight in the movie it makes.  Its algorithm is based on an analysis of your footage to include three major things:

  • Visual Analysis to include camera motion, video stabilization, face recognition, etc…
  • Audio Analysis to include speech detection, audio classification and music analysis
  • Story-Telling to include topic analysis and emotion guided editing styles

Similar to Videolicious, Magisto also has very affordable premium pricing for upgrading with more features.  The main feature that you get in your upgrade is increased movie length and HD downloads.

Now that you are aware of these two apps and can select the app of your choice, let’s take a look at how you can use them in your business.  One way that is very effective if you are in the Real Estate market is to use it as a way to promote your listings.  We all want to save time and money.  Here is an example.

Let’s say you are viewing a home and it has a lot of features that one of your clients (that has not seen the home) prefers to have in a home they are wishing to purchase.   I would take a live video of the home highlighting the specific features that your client is looking for and use an app like Magisto to edit it instantly that you can immediately share with your client via email.  You add a theme, music and make it remarkable compared to a boring walk through video.  This is all done real time and instant.  You also have an option to share it with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube…oh, and let’s not forget the QR Codes!

Other uses may be promoting a product or service.  You may even want to highlight a special procedure, how to video, event video, blog video, conference video or any general sales video.  The uses of such apps are endless.  It just takes a bit of creativity to see what would work in your business.

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In summary, you want to set yourself apart from your competition and utilize technology in a way that it will enhance not only your business but your client’s experience.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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