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To book Ray Warda as a Keynote Speaker in your next Organization, Corporate or Business event, please call 949-345-1319 or click here. Ray Warda specializes in speaking and coaching topics such as Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Marketing.

“Action is what turns knowledge into power” – Ray Warda

“Stay true, stay positive, stay focused and you will achieve extraordinary results” – Ray Warda

Coaching and Seminars

High Impact Coaching and Training Presentations:

Corporations, Organizations, Small Businesses, Religious Organizations and Non-Profits, please contact Ray Warda to schedule a Seminar in your local area and take your organization to the next level!

Ray’s coaching services will take you to the next level.

His bExtraordinary coaching system is one of the best in the industry.  We utilize 6 major steps to help achieve the success level you are trying to reach.  These six include:

  • Accountability – Accountability is probably the most important
  • Clarity – Clarify what you want to achieve
  • Goals – Setting healthy and motivating goals
  • Acceleration – Accelerate business and marketing growth by learning how to focus and work towards finalizing your goals
  • Priorities – Set priorities and following through by taking action
  • Visualization – Visualizing the end result is

Ray Warda conducts Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops on the topics below:

  • Entrepreneurship – Mindset, Marketing & Hard Work
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Business Opportunities
  • Online/Offline, Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Traffic Generation/SEO
  • Social Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging

Entrepreneurship – Mindset, Marketing & Hard Work:

Ray Warda’s motivating seminars/workshops include over 20 years of his Entrepreneurial expertise in which he share his thoughts, experiences and secrets of what it takes to be an extraordinary Entrepreneur.  Ray will speak and motivate your audience to take action, focus and commit to their goals.

Young Entrepreneurs:

Ray Warda inspires his audience of Young Entrepreneurs to be responsible, effective and positive towards their entrepreneurship goals.  Ray is a firm believer of starting young and keeping busy with things that make teens and young adults achieve extraordinary results in their business lives.  Ray shares his experiences while being a young entrepreneur himself and some of the challenges that he faced and how to turn those challenges or missed opportunities into positive experiences.  Ray’s view on young adults per his own experience is that ultimately, you are who you hang out with.

Starting Your Own Business:

Fear of starting your own business is probably the biggest setback for many inspiring Entrepreneurs.  Ray Warda’s start your own business workshops motivates the audience by giving them clear direction and resources on how to successfully start your own business.  Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Determining the legal structure of your business
  • Registering a business name (DBA)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Obtain Business License/Permits
  • Choosing the right business
  • Marketing your business
  • Much, much more…

Motivation and Goal Setting:

Motivation and goal setting are integral parts of achieving extraordinary results in all that you do.  Ray Warda captures audience with his high energy and impactful workshop that provide the necessary steps to get motivated and achieve the goals that you set.

Business Opportunities:

Opportunities arise all the time.  No matter what shape the economy is, in this great and prosperous country of the United States of America, that we are so blessed to be living in, there is always opportunities to make money and become a successful self employed entrepreneur.  Ray Warda’s workshops discuss the different online and offline business ventures that you can run from your own home in which create excellent potential income.

Online/Offline, Internet Marketing, Social Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Local Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation/SEO, Article Marketing and Blogging:

Ray Warda’s marketing seminars are detailed, resourceful and have an abundant amount of information regarding the different marketing strategies for success.  In these workshops, Ray coaches and educates entrepreneurs on the following marketing strategies:

  • Online Pay Per Click
  • Ad copy
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Traffic Generation/SEO
  • Video Marketing (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Blogging
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Generating traffic to your website
  • WordPress Websites
  • Niche Marketing
  • Much, much more…

To book Ray Warda for a local seminar/workshop specifically geared to your Corporation, Organization, Small Business, Religious Organization and Non-Profit Organization, please call 949-345-1319 or click here to fill out the contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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