Ray Warda

Inspiring Entrepreneurs to bExtraordinary – The Ultimate Achievement!


Ray Warda has the passion for extraordinary results.  Ray is the creator of bExtaordinary – The Ultimate Achievement and Founder of Gcube Marketing – A Marketing Consulting Company.

Ray has a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing, Real Estate and technology.  Ray has assisted and trained thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the country, on how to transform their business and personal lives from average to extraordinary.  As a professional speaker at his presentations, workshops and keynote speaking, Ray shares exclusive strategies in the foundations of being extraordinary in all that you do.  Ray trains entrepreneurs about the six key fundamental components of achieving extraordinary results:

  • Consistent Positive Mindset
  • Continuous Education
  • Implementation – Taking Action
  • Focus
  • Development of Diverse Marketing Strategies

Speaking of hard work, Ray has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10 when he had his lemonade stand in his local neighborhood in Chicago, IL.  Believe it or not, Ray’s ten cent lemonade stand was the beginning of his development of an entrepreneur life.

Ray found his passion of making his own money by starting his own business.  At the age of 16, Ray had his first real money making business where he bought and sold sport memorabilia cards while holding a job to support his family and attending high school all at the same time. Later in the years, Ray worked and attended college full time which earned him a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology.

During his career, Ray focused and implemented on many marketing strategies and has extensive knowledge in both online and offline marketing.  Ray is a licensed California Real Estate Broker.  He has the passion and love, specifically, for the Real Estate industry since 1999 and later began working in the sales and finance side of the industry for many years.  Ray is a successful entrepreneur and has owned a few companies, both in and outside of the Real Estate Industry.

Currently, Ray Warda is an Outreach and Marketing Director working in conjunction with the U.S. Housing and Urban Development contracts.  In general Ray’s experience in life is that, implementing action and hard work is the core foundation of being extraordinary in your personal and business life!  He has a high regard for ethics, values and morals.  Ray is a dedicated Christian and puts God first in his life, then family, business and the rest that life has to offer and all in that order.

bExtaordinary my friends!

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