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To help determine what most people in the world do to be successful, you must look at their attributes. These attributes will help you discover the things that you need to do to also achieve that level of success.

You should make a list of things the entrepreneurs must have in order to be successful. These can be both general and specific depending on what your particular goals are. For example, they need to be good at whatever industry they are in and they are probably also going to want to be skilled in things like social networks, choosing products, building business relationships and marketing.

You should be as specific as you possibly can because you would want to compare your own strengths to these successful attributes to find how many you have in common that can help you be successful. The more things you list, the more things that you’re going to discover are actually true about yourself. This exercise isn’t actually about finding all of the qualities that entrepreneurs need to succeed; it is about realizing that you already have the attributes that it takes to be successful.

You do have the attributes that it takes to be successful. This is readily apparent, because you’re reading this post. People that are not interested in success or aren’t motivated to better themselves and reach their goals don’t read material on success. In fact, they tend to avoid the subject as much as possible because it reminds them of their failures.

Here are some of the more apparent attributes just to get you started:

  • Determination: you have the idea or attitude that you are going to succeed no matter what, no matter who stands in your way and no matter what obstacles you encounter
  • A Passion for Entrepreneurship: if you aren’t passionate about working for yourself and owning your own business, it can be almost impossible for you to be successful at it
  • Optimism: you are optimistic about the future. You believe that good things are in store for you and your outlook is almost always a glass half-full kind of mindset
  • Patience: you are willing to work over a long period of time to get the results that you want. You’re not going to give up if it doesn’t happen quickly
  • Reliable: you will be able to handle the responsibility of being an entrepreneur. You have a reputation for being reliable so people are willing to work with you

Most of the above attributes really describe in a nut-shell your mindset and what it takes to develop great and consistent success. The very next step is to start on the path to healthy mindset habits. Habits are a funny thing. Your habits are things that you do without even thinking about them. Each morning (hopefully), you get up, brush your teeth and take a shower. You do these things without thinking too much about them. You can be worried about something at work, dwelling on a personal issue or even deeply engrossed in a great novel and the subconscious part of your brain will still nudge you every morning until you jump in the shower and brush your teeth or completed whatever other morning routines that you have.

So, should be quite obvious that habits are one of your biggest assets when it comes to being successful. The people who are successful in this world are the people who developed the right habits. They don’t have to think about doing things that make them successful; they just get up every morning and do them, which of course, gives them the results that they want in the long run. So let’s look at what these habits are in which will allow you to change your mindset from a negative, self-destructive one to a healthy mindset that is ready for success.

  1. Have a day to yourself to plan out your upcoming week – I call it my Ray Day!
    • Use this day to shut down your phone, social media, electronics, etc… and focus on what your upcoming week will look like. Enjoy family time, rest and relax
    • Create a to do list or list of tasks that you need to take care of for the week
    • Prioritize this list by putting the more important ones with high priority on top of your list
    • Schedule your marketing and prospecting during mid-morning where you have the most energy
    • Schedule your admin time during the afternoon
    • Schedule your meditation and exercise first thing in the morning which introduces habit #2
  2. Nurture the mind, body and soul
    • Take time in the morning to pray and meditate
    • Read a positive and motivational chapter in a book – see habit #4
    • Physical exercise of the body
  3. Gratitude and affirmations
    • Being grateful for everything you have and your surroundings is a great way to begin your day and week
    • Think of the positive things in your life and focus on them throughout the day
    • Say affirmations that will make you feel good such as “I am unstoppable” I am handsome/gorgeous – this will help your emotions get in positions for success
  4. Personal-development
    • Read books that will help you achieve more success and build your motivation, spirit and energy to take on the world
    • Chose a good author and read their high productive books. Authors such as Darren Hardy – Chief Editor of Success Magazine, Brian Tracy – Personal Development Guru, Jim Rohn – One of my favorites, etc…
    • There is always more to learn. Continuously developing better habits and focusing on the positive stuff will propel you to the next level
  1. Network with peers
    • Result oriented entrepreneurs and highly successful entrepreneurs have a network of peers that are like minded
    • Always be looking for an opportunity to connect with the right people, building a bridge of opportunity or attend special social events that will be beneficial to you and your business

Of course, this is no easy journey and it may take some time to develop that mindset. No one is expecting you to change overnight. Each morning when you get out of bed, think of something that you can do to make yourself proud of what you have accomplished.

You are able to take stock of yourself, learn what your current strengths are, and which ones you need to cultivate in the future as well as what weaknesses have kept you from success in the past. You are able to learn how to set yourself up with healthy mindsets instead and how to use that new mindset to take you as far as you want to go.

Hopefully, this article will help you take the first steps towards success. bExtraordinary my friends!

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