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YouTube Marketing…title, description and tags

Taking time to correctly position your videos for great search engine optimization, will help your video rankings immensely.  No matter how nice your video is, if you can’t get viewers, you have no success.  I will share some basic procedures before and when you upload your videos to YouTube.

Step 1:

Figure out the keywords you will be using.  In YouTube language, keywords are similar to tags, they are different words but have the same meaning.  You will need to pinpoint the keywords/tags you are going to target.    Please make sure to put in great efforts when you are researching your keywords as this is probably the most important step for successful video search engine optimization.

Step 2:

Name your file properly before uploading to YouTube.  Always remember to include your keywords/tags in the name of your file.  For example, after you’ve done your keyword research and found out that one of your keyword phrases will be “Foreclosed Homes in California” then the name of the video file should include this keyword phrase such as “forelosedhomesincalifornia.flv” or something to that nature.

Step 3:

The title of the video is very important as well.  Include the keyword phrase as much as possible in your title but make sure your title makes sense.  For example, using the above example, I would title my video “Foreclosed Homes in California are a Great Opportunity for Owner Occupants!”  There is a lot of weight put on the title.

Step 4:

Add your tags from the keywords that you found during your research.  I would recommend including 6-7 keywords.  Please remember to use commas for phrases so that the phrase will be as one keyword. For example, instead of including “foreclosed” “homes” “in” “California” you would include “foreclosed homes in California” as one whole keyword phrase.

Step 5:

Complete the description.  The description is another important part when optimizing your videos for search engine rankings including the YouTube search engine.  The first thing you would need to do is to include your website or the sales page of wherever you want to direct the viewer.  Please make sure you input http:// before your actual URL so that your URL will be clickable directly from the description.

You want to keep your description at a maximum of about 2-3 paragraphs and around 250-350 words.  In the description, include your keywords from the keyword research that you should have done.  This is great for SEO purposes.  Make sure your description contains good quality content and not gibberish.

Step 6:

You may also want to add captions and annotations since YouTube now allows you to do so.  Insert your keyword phrases inside the captions and annotations since it will help your SEO.  Do not add too much to avoid your video looking cheap and distracting where the viewer will lose focus on the content.

These are basic steps to getting your video optimized.  Other steps are more advanced and include link building, pinging and submitting to RSS sites and social bookmarking.  I hope you enjoyed this segment.  As always, bExtraordinary my friends!

Ray Warda


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