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GET YOUR TWEETING ON!  I would like to provide you with an internet marketing update that may help your business.  Twitter is enjoying “good days” since their desktop traffic has increased by 20% (35 million monthly visits) over the last six months. And, their bounce rate has decreased by 6.5%. This is due to several reasons, including the recent deal with Google in which Google decided to integrate tweets and news into their search results.



Excited from the traffic boost, Twitter is making some changes. They have decided to increase the follow limit from 2000 to 5000.



Also, from now on people will not be barred from blindly following hundreds of accounts or following and unfollowing profiles repeatedly. They have also updated many other rules, which you can read here.

Moreover, Twitter feed has started showing up in search results just below the company’s website, mainly for branded keywords and people.



This is a good opportunity to get additional exposure, especially for those enjoying a strong Twitter presence.  I hope this social media update provides greater insight to your marketing plan going into 2016.  Let’s do this!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.


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