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Social media is a platform that allows you to connect and communicate with people like no other.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the new ways to engage with your fans and audience.  This is called interacting with people virtually.  Entrepreneurs have to realize that marketing is totally different than it was years ago.  Diversifying your marketing is an essential need in your business.

In today’s market, social media is not only considered as a social network to talk to friends and meet people.  It is now the most dominant advertising tool that businesses need to use to connect with their niche market.

In order to avoid some pitfalls of social media marketing, I have a list of a few tips that I would like to share with you.

TIP #1:  Choose a social media platform that you enjoy and preferably one that you currently use.  Consider using more than one platform.  For example, Facebook and Twitter are highly popular in the social media arena.  These are definitely the first two that you want to start with.

TIP #2:  Create a master plan of what type of content you will use.  Anytime you begin anything without a plan may cause you long term headaches and eventually will get you overwhelmed and not focused.  Create a plan of what your content will be like and what kinds of graphics and images you will use to represent yourself as an expert in your niche.

TIP #3:  Create a schedule by having a calendar and a timeline of which types of things you will post first and how often.  You don’t want to post things all at one time and end up running out of relevant things to post.  You want to make sure that you target your niche market and most importantly, have a time frame of when you want to introduce your content to your fans and followers.

TIP #4:  Come up with a user name that you want to use that is consistent with your niche.  You also want to make sure that this name is available and not used by another organization, group or individual.  You can find this out by visiting www.namechk.com to see which names are available for use.

TIP #5:  Your plan should include how you are going to attract people to your target niche market.  Find out what your vision is on who you are going to market to and make sure this vision is clear and concise.  For example, if your product or niche is automobiles, then your target would be automobile lovers.  Perhaps include video or blog content about the latest automobile models.  Or you can compare different makes and models of your choice.  Use graphics, multimedia and images to relay your message.  Content is the most important but appearance is also integral.  Providing different types of content will only add interest to your network.

TIP #6:  Make sure you regularly maintain your social media account.  Post on a daily basis and engage with your followers.  I always say that the biggest mistakes that social media marketers make is not engaging with their fans.  It is important to reply to their comments, not just like them but actually interact with them.  Some people may even ask questions.  Respond to their questions and be compassionate about sensitive issues that they may be going through.  Trust me, they will appreciate it.

These tips are only some of the many tips that I will provide to you in future posts.  Please make sure that you keep up with the ever changing world of marketing.  Things change quickly and it’s important to keep up with these changes accordingly.  Use the social media sites to your advantage and master their ways.  These tips are a good start to enhance your social media marketing endeavors.  I wish you the best of success in your marketing and bExtraordinary my friends.

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