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Is Google+ Plus the next wave of Social Media? I certainly say so. Social Media will and has a great effect on Search Engine Optimization. How often you share content with your social media sites will have an effect on your search engine rankings.

Google+ Plus is a Google product. When Google speaks, you should listen. This is why I highly recommend to get to know Google+ Plus intimately. Social media has changed the way we do business. I call social media, simply put, word of mouth on steroids.

Word of mouth has always been a big form of marketing for many companies especially in a local sense. Friends tell friends what great food they ate or what great movie they watched or how the service was. Well with social media, it has taken this to a global level and into the virtual world.

One of these social media platforms is Google+ Plus which I think will revolutionize the social media world. With that said, please watch my latest video blog on How to create polls on Google+ Plus using a Google Chrome extension called Do Share. This extension can also automate your posts which is a great time saver for those busy entrepreneurs. I hope you enjoy!

Spread the love
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