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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most integral parts in your online business.  Without it, you probably will have a hard time existing online.  Has this changed?  Dictionary.com defines Search Engine Optimization SEO as “the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.”

This is where Google comes in as the most popular search engine where people go to find what they are looking for.  With that said more and more people rely on Google to get their questions answered and/or find the items they are researching on.  In order for Google to provide the best results for the search criteria that the end user inputs, they created a search algorithm.  Google changes this search algorithm quite often to make it better and to produce the best relevant results for its users.

So, what is a search algorithm?  Wikipedia defines a search algorithm as a step by step procedure of calculations for finding an item with specified properties among a collection of items which are stored individually as records in a database or may be elements of a search space defined by a mathematical formula or procedure.  HUH?!?!?

In a nutshell, a search algorithm is just a mathematical process that Google and other search engines developed in order to show relevant results of search queries entered by the end user.

One of Google’s latest search algorithm changes is called Hummingbird.  Think of the Google Hummingbird like a car with a new engine but keeping some of its old parts.  These old parts were in good shape and didn’t need changing.  With Hummingbird, it’s a new algorithm unlike the previous ones like Panda and Penguin which were just updates of the current algorithm used at that time.

So, why did Google call this latest new algorithm, Hummingbird.  Well, that’s simple.  Its search engine is fast and more accurate like a hummingbird.  Amit Singhal – Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Google said “Our algorithm had to go through some fundamental rethinking of how we are going to keep our results relevant.”

In a nutshell, Google is conforming to more mobile users that are using voice recognition software where they are asking questions utilizing this software which makes it in a more natural way instead of using the more intricate way of typing in requests which is a more complicated algorithm.  This is smart of Google to do since we are moving in a mobile technology world.  As a matter of fact surveys have found that in 2013, more mobile devices were sold than laptops and desktops.  Mobile technology is definitely where we are headed towards in a rapid manner.

Google is moving away from matching keywords and instead focusing on matching results based on your questions.  Google’s initiative has always been to give you a better quality experience and improve the results that you get will be more related to your searches.  So, a lot of Search Engine Optimizing experts are asking the million dollar question?  Will we be losing traffic on our websites?   Since the update was recently done, if you haven’t lost any traffic, than it probably has not affected your site.

So, are you still worried if SEO is dead?  Well my friends, I say absolutely not.  The foundation of SEO will still continue to be keywords, content and backlinks.  However, SEO is moving towards more of a relationship type of digital marketing, especially when it comes to backlinks.  This means that you will have to create stronger and tighter relationships with other sites that will have links pointing back to your site.  You will have to be more engaging with your visitors by building more social signals.

Your website will have to be fast and have excellent quality content.  Gone will be the days of producing bad content articles that are being re-spun or keyword filled articles that don’t have a beginning and an end.  Gone will be the days of producing low quality links normally used in Blackhat SEO which will have an inverse effect that will hurt or destroy your page rankings.  Stay away from these things especially if your business depends on online exposure.

SEO is certainly not dead, but it is evolving.  It’s time to rethink your SEO strategies and become more sociable, engaging and influential to capture more relevant visitors to your site.  If you would like to find out when and where my next business and marketing workshop is or if you need help with anything, a consultation or coaching, please visit http://www.raywarda.com or call Ray directly at 949-698-9858.  I wish you the best of success with your business.  bExtraordinary my friends!

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