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Achieving a goal no matter how small is an accomplishment in your life.  Besides believing and having determination, you should be excited about your goal.  Getting closer to achieving your goal is a blissful milestone that moves you closer to accomplishing success.  Excitement adds to your positive outlook and confirms your belief in the outcome.

Excitement comes from inspiration.  Inspiration comes from comprehension and enhancement of the mind, while ignorance cultivates and deepens fear.  Being inspired carries you to define and give more details to your plan of action.

Inspiration may come from different places or sources.  The best way to get inspired is from learning whether it’s motivating yourself from reading positive and inspiring books or magazines to keep you focused or by gaining more specific knowledge to achieve your goal.  Another way to get inspired is by taking workshops and classes, listening to audio material or watching videos that will help self educate or motivate yourself in the area of where you want to capture success.

Don’t forget to continue to inspire yourself even after you have achieved success.  Motivation and self education is one of the most important things that you will need to include in your life to keep you moving forward and advancing.  Without continuous education, you will lack the inspiration and eventually reach a stagnant position or even fall behind.

Who you associate yourself with is also an important aspect of being inspired and helping you become more passionate about your goal or success that you are trying to achieve.  The people around you can influence your path, attitude, determination and belief in what you can do.  It really is true when they say; you are who you hang out with.

Surround yourself with positive people that have the same vision as you.  Most all of the successful people out there associate themselves with like minded people that enhance their education and inspiration.  Sometimes it’s not even about the success; it may be just about achieving a goal, whether small or large.  Either way, just do it and get inspired.

Action Plan:

  1. Use the free resources available to you such as the internet or the public library.  Search the internet for things that will help you achieve your goals or attain that success, i.e. www.raywarda.com.
  2. Evaluate your relationships.  Is someone that you are associating yourself with holding you back?  Are they detrimental to achieving your goals?  Do you need to make any changes?  Sometimes you don’t have to discontinue those relationships; maybe just drawing yourself back for a while.  Changing yourself can maybe show the other person that they need to change for the better too.
  3. Get excited, get inspired and change for the better!

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please comment below with your experiences.  I wish you the best of success in all things that are true, positive and inspiring that you do.  bExtraordinary my friends!

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