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It’s back to the basics – Content is King – Produce Good Content:

Should you share a written post, a picture or a video? All these are great content types. However, I would try to stay away from getting your video or picture posted through third party companies. Posting the content manually will give you a better chance of getting your post more visible.

In addition, it is said that more people will click on the link to your video or view your picture when it is directly posted by you and not a third party. With all of the spam, filtering scams and hacking that is going on out there, more and more people are being weary on clicking on a link or picture especially when it is coming from a third party source. I myself am weary of this and more than likely will not click on something that is not generated by the post provider themselves.

Adding public content that has a question or something controversial will always prove to have more comments and engagement than regular random posts. Comments that are funny, sad or that add feeling or sensation to a post will also have good engagement.

Don’t forget the tag option. Facebook puts special weight on tagging content that you are mentioning or sharing. Anytime you mention someone or something that is a Facebook Page, always tag that page on your post. This will make your content seen by more of your fans.

Schedule a time plan of when you will be posting your content. Test and measure your posts to see what time of the day and how often are best to post. If you are getting more views and engagement at a certain time of day, then keep focused on posting at that time.

Facebook has added a “promote your post” feature. Of course, this is what happens when Facebook goes public, monetization occurs. But there is nothing wrong with that. Here is how it works. In order for you to take advantage of the “promote” feature, your fan page must have a minimum of 400 likes.

Once you have reached that level, you will have the option to promote your posts. Promoting your post will enable your post to be viewed by more people in their news feed. It’s simple and easy to use. In your sharing tool area where you write your posts, enter your post details and click on the promote button. Once that is clicked, you will enter the dollar amount you would like to invest in terms of a lifetime budgeting. This simply means you are setting a budget to spend across the lifetime of the campaign.

You can also promote your recent posts on your page. At the bottom of the post that you already have created, you will see the promote button. Click on that and select from the drop down menu how many people you want to reach along with your budget.

The types of posts that you want to more likely invest in are posts that include a coupon, a discount or a special offer that you would want exposed to as many people out there. The promote option is a great way to maximize the exposure of your posts. Promoting is an investment in your marketing, but the investment is well worth it.  Until next time, bExtraordinary my friends!

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