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Blogging is an essential part of increasing traffic to your website.  Blogging creates traffic to your website by the unique content you create in your blog posts.  However, there are some important things that you must do to make your blog posts shine for search engine optimization.  Here are five ways to increase your website traffic by blogging:

THE HYBRID METHOD.  One of the best ways is what I call a hybrid, which means a website with a blog in it.  Inside the blog portion of your website, you want to create content that is relevant to the niche of your website.  This is where you can create some great content just by writing about the things that you already know about your niche.  For example, if you are a Real Estate Agent, begin writing about different information that pertains to the Real Estate industry.  Some examples of what you can write about pertaining to your local market:

  • What happened in the past week while you were showing homes?
  • What challenges arose with your buyers or sellers?
  • How did you solve them?
  • What questions did your clients ask you?
  • This is the kind of content that consumers find value in because it presents a problem they may be facing and (potentially) how to solve it or avoid it altogether.
  • You want to be the problem solver that has all the answers.  With your experience as a Real Estate Agent, I’m sure you have come across situations where you can help your clients that are on the sidelines.

WRITE BLOG POSTS OFTEN.  In order to have an effective blog that generates FREE traffic through search engines is to write and write often.  Begin to include keywords inside your blog posts.  A great way to do this is by conducting a Google search of subjects related to your niche.  Study the kind of keywords that pertain to your niche.  Keywords increase the rankings to your site in search engines.  If you can’t find the time to write your own blogs, hire a copywriter or someone in your staff to conduct some research of your topic to get some ideas.  I recommend writing a blog post at least 3-4 times a week if not every day.  One important aspect of writing blogs is to make sure that YOUR CONTENT IS UNIQUE.  This is one of the keys to a generating traffic to your successful blog.

POST PICTURES & VIDEOS.  Pictures and videos are an awesome way to create content.  Post a picture or a video that is related to your niche.  For example, if you have a website’s niche is about dogs or cats, then post pictures of funny dogs or cats and writes about them.  Remember, your website and blog should be of something that you have interest or care about.  Nothing beats simple content more than writing about something you already love or have experience in.  Let me tell you, everyone of us has a particular thing that you have interest or experience in.  This is where it becomes easy to write.

COMMENT ON CONTENT ABOUT YOUR NICHE.  Find an article or news about your niche and comment on it.  Tell them about your point of views, comments, experiences or opinions about the article or news.  For example, if you are a financial planner, find an article or even other blog posts that you can link to in which you can talk about.

The economy is a great place to start if you are a financial planner.  Find stories about finance, rates, investments and other subjects pertaining to the financial industry and comment on them.  Time relevant information is a key component of what you comment or write about.

Writing about news or situations that are happening now is the key.  Search engines put a lot of weight on time relevancy.  Commenting or writing about news that happened 30 days ago will not have too much relevancy to today’s news, unless that information is still a hot topic currently.  Don’t be afraid to be controversial.  Speaking your mind will only make it more interesting and will create a level of interest to many different readers.

ENGAGE.  Engaging in your blog is important.  Don’t forget about your readers.  Your readers that have interest in your blog are more likely to comment on your blog posts.  Make sure you remember to enable comments on your blog posts.  This will allow your readers to comment on your blog in which will engage them in your blog.  This will keep them coming back to you.  However, you must not forget to reply to their posts.  The worst thing you can do is not to reply to readers comments.  This will cause a loss of interest really quick.

INCLUDE YOUR OWN PERSONALITY.  Including your personality inside your blog posts tells your readers that you are a genuine person.   This will not make you seem like you’re robot or a computer talking to your readers.  Relating to your readers is important because it will peak the readers interest to continue to visit your site to read more.    Being funny also helps, so be creative, write and don’t be afraid to throw in a joke or two.

SHARE YOUR BLOG POSTS.  This is another fundamental part of blogging.  Sharing your content from your blog posts will only increase the viral traffic to your website.  Share your posts on all of your social media sites.  Facebook and Twitter are an excellent way to share your blog posts content.  Letting your fans know about your recent posts will entice a person to read about the subject matter that they have interest in.  This will then create your fans on Facebook and your followers on Twitter to share your posts with their friends and followers.  Pretty soon, you will have a viral blog that people will be talking about.

In conclusion, adding a blog to your website will create fresh new content on your site that will attract visitors via the search engines.  This is a form of organic search engine optimization.  It is imperative to write often, and write on a daily basis.  Include videos, pictures, relative news, links and comment on them.  Engage with your readers and include your personality in your comments.  Last but not least, share your content anywhere and everywhere you can.  I wish you the best of success in your business.  bExtraordinary my friends!

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