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We all have wants and needs. But, do we buy based on our needs or is it really what we just want? Think about the time when you last bought something. Was it something that you really needed? Chances are that you just bought something because you wanted to experience that sense of feeling that comes from buying.

We could have probably done without it. But, it’s the feeling of purchasing something that is brand new to us that makes us take action. It’s the feeling of satisfaction that we get when we make purchases. That’s why you hear people talk about retail therapy. Retail therapy is just that, it’s a feeling of satisfying the sense of purchasing something new in your life.

What does that mean to your advertising campaign? Let’s take a look at three components that will turn your ad into an extraordinary one.

1. List the benefits – State your benefits clearly. I am not referring to features here. Features do not need to be stated in your sales copy. Frankly, people don’t even consider the features when making a call to action on purchasing. Here is what I mean. State a benefit that will solve a challenge that the person is going through, i.e. “So and so will increase your cash flow by 50%!” or “Lose 15 pounds in the next two weeks by doing this!” Let’s face it; customers are a bit self interested meaning that they want to know what’s in it for them if they purchase this product or service.

2. Paint a picture by visualization – Paint the words with a picture that relates to the experience they will have by purchasing your product or service, i.e. “Spend the day with your family on the golf course” or “Wear that red dress well with your new body.” This will let them feel the results of what may happen if they take action. The point is that you want to get them to visualize the experience to bring out their emotions. Ultimately, people purchase with emotions. Once you capture their positive emotions, you will more likely be able to have them take action.

3. Motivate & inspire to take action – Set a deadline to take action. Stress your buyers to buy now or they will miss out. The more people have time to sit around and wait, the more they will find reasons not to do something. It’s called procrastination. Don’t let them think about every little negative thing prior to purchasing because they probably will never do so. Summarize the benefits to stress the motivating factors, benefits and results by visualization.

In conclusion, take a good look at your advertising. Make sure your center of attention is clearly on the benefits the customer will experience from the purchase and not the features of the product or service. I wish you the best of success with your advertising. bExtraordinary my friends!

Spread the love
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